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Hello, nice to meet you!

I’m a nurse practitioner with years of experience working within many areas of healthcare, skilled in caring for those with complex diseases, seeking lifestyle goal planning, and medication management, nutritional support.


My passion is to care for each person as a person, providing a unique individualized plan that enables you to live your life as you choose. Setting personalized health goals.


As a healthcare provider, my passion is to use my skills and expertise to help individuals live their best life.


My belief is to fully engage in life’s moments, feeling healthy and strong, which makes for better life experiences. This is what it truly means to not only live but thrive!


You can trust your care, will be delivered, with kindness, skill, and a smile.

About me

I'm a board-certified Practitioner licensed in Oregon caring for persons 13 and older. My training has taken me down to studying both Western and Eastern modalities of medicine to bridge the gap between disciplines with a primary focus on a whole-body approach.

I specialize from a holistic point of view, keeping in mind that lifestyle, environment, and perceptions are key players in determining our biology and emotional wellness although come from a strong background in emergency medicine, neurology, cardiology, and managing endocrine disease primarily focusing on diabetic management.

Incorporating Eastern modalities of healing considers the bridge between Western and Eastern medicine is my primary focus in planning a unique care plan for each person. I am also quite skilled help focus on nutrition and physical movement as well as medication management which may involve collaborating with your healthcare team to adjust unnecessary or non-beneficial medications.

A native Oregonian with a commitment to strengthening community, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and houseless outreach, I have worked extensively in different cultures and settings both in the local hospitals, with government organizations, and in the field to improve outcomes for the many diverse populations and local communities.  

Recognition for my work in palliative care, leadership roles, and diabetic management coupled with experience working alongside top surgeons and cardiology teams, in both emergency and outpatient urgent care facilities has landed me in my own private practice serving diverse populations within Oregon and Washington.

Within this practice, we work together to evaluate, diagnose, and when necessary, manage medications to assist with a wide variety of mental, physical, and emotional health disorders linked to suffering and/or instability, anxiety, psychotic symptoms, substance abuse, and/or issues with concentration. Goal setting and lifestyle modifications are some, positive improvements, of working with me, which long-term clients have benefited from.

My practice doesn’t only aim to identify and ease what negatively impacts a person, it also focuses on helping them find meaning in their experience, reconnect with and further develop inner strengths and make plans to better handle life’s curve balls.


Every individual is genetically, biologically, and psychologically unique. To best help, understanding the neurological, physiological, and psychological connections that make up an individual’s unique perspective is very important.

Working closely with patients/clients to find what medications or supplements will suit them best and are least likely to cause them side effects, adverse reactions, or discomforts promotes a greater sense of well-being. I aim to recommend the least amount of medications to help the issue(s) at hand and will gladly help patients safely come off medications that are no longer needed, wanted, or causing harm.

Thanks to the brain’s ability to rewire itself, and the body’s innate power to heal, it’s only natural that its need for medication may change during treatment, which is why re-evaluating this need regularly is a top priority.

Everyone has a unique perception of the world and of themselves, as well as their own values, beliefs, experiences, and concepts of what would lead them to a happier life. I incorporate a certain amount of mindfulness-based practice, firmly rooted in current Science, to catalyze healing and strongly believe in my patients/clients/ families being full partners in their treatment and well informed as to the processes that underlie their discomforts and options for betterment.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment PLEASE reach out!


I'm always looking for new opportunities to help others set individual health goals. Let's connect!


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