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Food for thought or is it food for breath...

Did you know that eating a diet with high carbs produces more CO2 in our bodies??

We breathe to take in O2 and blow off CO2. When our bodies have more CO2 we actually have an increased respiratory rate.

Isn't that strange?? That means if we eat nothing but sugary stuff for a day we will increase breath more but not because we are actually moving our bodies more...

I think this is really cool and a less complex concept around this as it applies to respiratory disorders and emergencies such as ketoacidosis and other concerns related to diabetes.

Speaking of diabetes, did you know that I not only have diabetes but I specialize in diabetic consultation managing not only a lifestyle but education and medications?

I have a few openings available in December. Send me a text, email, or use the contact form through my website. I'm offering a discount through the end of 2022 @"HEALTHYISSEXAY" when setting up your appointment!

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