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Life Hacks to Stay Healthy!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I have spent many years around individuals that are very very sick and have learned some easy tips to stay healthy. Trust me they work and are very easy to make a daily habit. I do hope you find these life hacks helpful and I do believe them to be wholly non-controversial.

Number 1- This is the most important!!! Wash your hands, like a lot!! Everything you touch has been touched by hundreds or thousands of other people. It is such a simple thing to do that it is easily dismissed. Take a moment to consider how many hands have touched the money we handle and those public restroom handles, don’t even get me started! GROSS!!! It takes 20 seconds of lathering to remove the bugs from your hands the soap is a surfactant only, sure your hands smell nice from the soap but may not be clean. Heck, just use hand sanitizer if you don’t have time!

Number 2- Don’t touch your face! Easier said than done but little bugs need a portal to enter your body. I hope you are thinking about all your entry points at this moment and how to protect them. These buggers don't ask first!

Number 3- Keep your surroundings clean such as doorknobs, workspaces, consider having a shoeless home. Looking at your home space as a safe zone to recharge and regenerate can really improve your overall health. A bit of awareness can improve not only your well being but those that you care about.

Number 4- Stay home when you are sick. Cover your cough and sneezes in the crook of your arm if you can’t cover your move with a tissue. Have you ever seen a video of how far those droplets? They can go as far as 26 feet and droplets stay suspended in the air for about 10 minutes. Yes, those buggers have learned to be skilled at surviving.

Number 5- Support your immune system. We all know the basics of this such as sleep, vitamin-rich foods with Vit C, Zinc, etc. Exercise, fresh air, etc. You know you got this!

Number 6- This is going to be a difficult one. AVOID unnecessary stress! Easier said than done I know. Consider it a challenge to look at how you spend your energy whether or not some highly charged situations can be avoided. Negative stress will take a toll on your immune system.

Yes, I put thought into this because I REALLY do care about you all staying well!! It is my life’s purpose! Can we PLEASE make this go viral?

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